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detecting actual and previous screen


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I would like to detect ( in the ladder)  which screen is on at the moment and which screen launched it. I have build rungs for each screen but with many screens is is tedius.

In help I cannot find anything and I can't find a system tag on it. In other companies hmi I used to find system tags keping track of it. To me It can be very helpful knowing where the

"operator" is in deciding the flow through the program (ladder).

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There isn't a direct tag that indicates which screen was selected previously, but you could also implement logic that each time a screen jump is performed a bit tag is set indicating which screen was just implemented.


For example:


On Display 1, I press a button that performs 2 actions. The first action is to jump to screen 2, the second action is to set a bit tag with the description "Screen Jump from Display 1 Performed". This bit tag can then be used as necessary to indicate that a jump was performed from display 1. It can then be reset as necessary within the logic.

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