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ejecute 2 times cutter

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For starters you don't have an IO module defined in the hardware configuration that matches your Input and Output addresses.  I added an IO-DI8-RO8 module to the expansion chain that seems to cover the inputs and outputs you've defined.


I gather from your logic that I37 is the cutter retracted switch and I36 is the cutter extended.  O34 looks like the cutter output.


It's a good idea to use network comments to describe what you're trying to do.


The main problem is you are trying to define a sequence using only bits.  This is a common beginner's mistake and it can drive you mad, as the bits have a habit it turning themselves on and off at unexpected times.  I always use a pointer-based state machine to program sequences.  See my attached program.


Joe T.


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Thanks Joe i will study your code and understand better, yes is true when you burn a IO in midle or begingn of the program, I understand after hard time with some problems after i put all outputs at en of program all became better, thanks if i have some dudes i will ask for your help again....thanks a lote....

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