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So the 10.4" screen has finally been released, with a product announcement and everything. The resolution and color depth are much better than the V570 and V350. Has anyone actually taken a V570 project and moved it to a V1040? Do the objects automatically move to adjust to the new resolution, or is it like changing a V130 to a V350 where you get a 1/4 scale of graphics in the corner and you have to basically redraw every screen?

Joe T.

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I'm sure the next question someone asks will be, "What happens if I migrate from a V1040 to a V570/V350 project?"


If you have a fully populated V1040 HMI and then switch hardware configs to the smaller resolution V570, you will get the warning below.


Basically everything is okay in the top left portion of the screen when converting. Other information outside of that top left square will be lost.

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