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Hi All,

Good day.  I am very new to Unitronics.  Now I setup V1210 and connected to EX-RC1 via canbus and added IO-DI8-RO4 to EX-RC1

I went throungt Unitronics tutorial to configure the above  hardware with no luck.  In order to understand, I need sample program to work with above setup.  On loading the sample progrm, I should be able to test by simulating the IOs on the IO-DI8-RO4

Kindly assist.


Also I would like to know if I can do all the configuration using visilogic alone or I will have to use unilogic?  It is confusing to me, Please help


thanks and best regards


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Hello K.Parimalam,


Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


For the V1210 and EX-RC1 hardware, you will only need to program with VisiLogic.  UniLogic is for programming our UniStream series, which you do not have.


We suggest using the example programs to load into the V1210 and EX-RC1 since the majority of the ladder has already been set up for this communication.  To get the example programs, please navigate to our help tab within VisiLogic and select the "Examples..." option.  Then open the folders in this manner: Version 900>Project Examples>Communications>EX-RC1.


Within the EX-RC1 folder, you will find a program "PLC to EX-RC1- Standard" which will need to be programmed into the V1210 (you will need to change the PLC in the hardware configuration to match yours).  Also, the "EX-RC1- Standard which will need to be programmed into the EX-RC1 module.  From here, you can configure your I/O in the EX-RC1.  Please note, when sending digital inputs/outputs statuses between the modules, you will have to use our Struct function block to convert the bit statuses into an integer.  UniCAN will only send data with MIs, not in bit form.


Please let us know if this helps or if you have any more questions.

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