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Use a Mouse on HMI screens


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I need to come up with a panel design that use a Unistream HMI but can be used in a hazardous area. The Area could be C1 or C2 and D1 or D2. Since the Unistream HMI is only rated for use in a NEMA 4/4X area, I would need to put a window over the HMI. The problem then is that the operator cannot touch the screen. I need to find a way to select items on teh screen without touching the screen. I am hoping that there is a way I could use a joystick or mouse to be able to control a cursor on the screen and then click where needed. Is there a way to do this? If not, are there any plans to impliment mouse or joystick control on the HMI?

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I have found that it works to plug a USB mouse into one of the USB ports on the UniStream.  A message will come on the display asking to do a reset, after that a mouse pointer appears & you can click on HMI elements similar to touching them.


In one of my applications, I use the "System>General>Touched Bit" & "System>General>Coordinate X/Coordinate Y" values(for detecting location of a touch on HMI).  Unfortunately, a mouse click does not activate these values, but otherwise it is a really neat feature.



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Ahoover is correct, it is possible to plug a mouse into the unit via the USB Hosts on the side of the panel.


If the unit is powered before a mouse is plugged in, you will receive a prompt that alerts the mouse has been detected. This prompt will provide two options, either "Reset Display" or "Postpone." The mouse will not be available until the display is reset.

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