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Upgrade to release 1.8.51


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I upgraded my 10 inch UniStream to the new release 1.8.51 and have a couple of things to share :


The upgrade in OS in the PLC had a problem and restart got stuck in Initialization.

      I got mine recovered and let support know what I did,

      Maybe support should inform us the "better" way to do it.


In my program, I have an Imbedded Data Table with data preloaded- a lookup table.

   During the upgrade from old version to new version rebuild, the data table was either wiped or not rebuilt.

   I ended up going to another computer with the older UniLogic, saving the data table to an Excel file and then importing  the file into the upgraded project.


   Just to note also :  imbedded data  tables with fixed data are not automatically downloaded to the PLC during a download. They have to be manually loaded.



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I did have a Blank program in the PLC before I did the Upgrade - Found that our a few versions ago, best to download a blank program into the PLC and recycle power before doing the upgrade.


And Yes, having the older version of Univision available on another computer is very handy during the process.



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