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Is there a way to read all of a certain type of input, i.e. digital or analog, and directly store into MB or MI locations without having to provide a ladder for each item being read?  For example, the V350-35-TR6 has digital inputs I0-I7.  These need to be placed into MB0-MB7 for internal processing.  I would like not to use 7 ladders to do this if it is possible.  If it isn't, oh well.  My application will have remote I/O of a variable quantity for each project and I would like to not have to modify the software each and every time, especially since the input quantities could get upwards of 100 or more..  Thanks.

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Hi Paul,


Please note that you can use input directly in the ladder. 


But if you do require these registers to be moved, you can accomplish this using a vector copy tool (located in the vector dropdown menu). in your example, copy I0 to MB0 with a length of 8.





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I use a based template for most projects that pre-maps all the discrete I/O for me in a subroutine.  I also standardize the order of the modules I put into the setup.


Programmatically, it's rather ugly, but it allows for quick re-mapping if an I/O point fails without having to wade through the logic of what I'm copying or moving.


Both ways work great, just a matter of what you expect to happen down the road.


For analog I/O there should be an option under hardware configuration that allows you to specify the MI or ML you want to store the analog I/O into.  I know this works for the IO-AI8 expansion module.

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