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Graphic Download Problems

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 I am using two V570's in my project. One unit will be the Main which will be running all the logic and controlling all of the I/O. The second V570 will be used as a Remote mounted HMI.

 I've downloaded the same HMI files to both units and one of the two has been having issues loading the graphics correctly all the time. It is always the same physical V570 which leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the file but is in the device itself.

I've uploaded a photo of the two V570's side by side which to the gallery @



I would appreciate any help or insight on what could be the issue with the V570 and how to correct the problem.

Thanks for the help


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Hello Michael.

I imagine you are using Visilogic V9.7.9, is this correct?

If so please uptade to the latest version V9.7.24.

After instalation  download and install the latest verison of O/S to the PLC. To dowload the lastest OS version go to help menu on Visilogic select "check for updates" and "operating system".

After this opend the application, rebuild all and dowload the application to the PLC that is having the pictures issue.

Let us know if this fixed the problem.



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During program development I will usually end up downloading a project to a single PLC many dozens (sometimes hundreds?) of times. Occasionally something eventually corrupts the image file in the PLC which never gets corrected in subsequent downloads of the same project, even if the images change. In those instances, downloading a blank project file then re-downloading the original project file completely fixes the problem.

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Thanks for the help.

I decided to take the advice give in order, so the first thing I tried was to up date the versions of both visilogic and the OS in the processor as recomended by EduMarg. You were correct I was running version 9.7.9 and after the update the graphic problem went away.

 Flex727 I was doing the exact same thing you said writting the project and downloading a whole lot of times. I did take your advice and created a blank project so I could download and assure that my processors were clear of any old code.

Thanks again for the help


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