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Hi Eyal, 


Thanks for reply. The SB3 is doing exactly what I need.

But still I have an issue. 


I need something like:

If O1=1 Then 

    MB1 = SB3

End If


and in the HMI I can assign the image (that I want to blink) to the MB1 (which will blink when O1=1) 


Not sure how to transfer this from structured text to ladder  ... 


Thanks for help,


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Having browser issues with images at the moment.


For your ladder you need a line like this


| SB3 | --- | MB1 | --- ( MB2 )


Make MB one the controlling bit that determines if you want your flash.  As long as MB1 and SB3 are close, MB2 is on.  So as MB3 cycles, MB2 will cycle on and off.


On the interface design, create a binary Image, one image and set an off image state and an on image state, then link it to MB2.

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