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reading analog input

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Hi i want to read analog input from my distance measuring sensor (SICK DT35) then i want to scale and see the data(milimeter) in the Jz20  r16 plc screen.

i made three wiring :

1.sensor "supply voltage" goes to PLC "V+" terminal 

2.sensor "0 V" goes to PLC "0V"

3.sensor "switiching output" goes to "AN0" terminal of the PLC


i can communicate on COM port 10 of my PC to PLC and i can download and upload the  program.


İ dont know how to write code and how to make addressing with hardware and software input terminal in U90 


Can you help me  

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Did you configure the outputs in the hardware configuration of VisiLogic? 


If not, that should be your first step.  That allows you to define where (which memory integer) you read the analog value into and the precision (10 bit or 12 bit)


From there you can use the linearize function block to work with the number however you need.

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In U90, if you go into the Hardware Configuration and click the unit you are working with, you can set up the IO points.


If you click on the Analog Input tab, you can link a memory integer to your analog input channel 0.  When this is linked, you and then go to the project navigation and choose the "Memory Intergers" option, and choose the same memory integer you linked to the input.  In this section, you will be able to linearize the value according to the bit resolution of that input.


Hope this helps.

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thanks for your suggestions :)


I link AI 0(analog input ) to MI 0(memory integer)  in hardware configuration tab


but when i go to ladder diagram and select input terminal i couldnt see MI addressing 


what function should i use in ladder diagram and i can see the input results on display screen ?


( i made analog input wiring according to current , is there any incoordination with sensor (SICK DT35) characteristic ? )

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You should be able to see the MI register change when you go online with the controller as the signal from the sensor changes after you have linked the MI to the input register.


If you want to link this input value to an element on screen, go to the display editor, select the amount of digits you wish to display on, and link the variable for the MI register you have your input linked to.


I do not see any reason right away why the sensor you chose will not work with out controllers.   Please ensure you have correct wiring, and test the signal with a multimeter.


Let me know if this helps.

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