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Replace Fusion Durant counter by M91-2-R1

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I have a M91-2-R1 to make some test. I want replace Fusion counter by the plc for a winder. The counter have a encoder 100PPR. When the count reach Preset 1 the motor jog at X speed and when he reach the preset 2 he stop the motor for cutting the material. In the U90 software the are samples of HSC. But I don't see where can I put the number of PPR of the encoder?

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You can find HSC connection diagram in PLC specification.



You have to use special registers when programming.

You have to evaluate, if PLC Ladder can fit process timing requirements.


As well, you have to manage motor speed, and stop it somehow. Is it AC/DC/Stepper motor? Solution will be different.

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The M91 does not have a place to put the PPR specification.  You have to deal with the raw counts and scale them with the math functions if needed.


You can stop a DC drive by putting a relay in series with the speed pot. 


Attach your code if you need a bit of help.  I've worked with a Fusion, and they are cool but way too expensive for what you get.


Joe T.

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