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Overhead Display For Assembly Machine Operators


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I would like to know what any of you recommend for an overhead display/marque that would emulate Bits and registers from the PLC. The purpose of this would be to give the operators a clear view of their machine performance:


Machine Run Time

Machine Down Time 

Good Parts

Bad Parts

Bad Parts %

Machine Efficiency

Machine Utilization


Are any of you doing this and if so, what to you recommend to interface with a Unitronics v570?





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  • MVP 2023

You didn't say what kind of PLC you have, so I don't know how many COM ports you have available.  Any one of the HMI's out there can display what you want via Modbus.  Set the PLC up as a Modbus slave and then get the data you want.


We are a KEP dealer - I've done this.  Yes, you could use a V570 by programming it as a Modbus master.


Joe T.

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  • MVP 2023

The KEP website will not show your specific application.  You have to write the application in the PLC first, and then use the KEP software to make screens to show the PLC data.  You will retrieve the data from the PLC to the KEP via Modbus.


KEP is not unique in the HMI world.  There are many others that work the same way.


Have you written the PLC program yet?


Joe T.

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I use Samkoon HMI's when extra HMI is needed for an application.

Communication is achieved via Modbus using the Unitronics Programming cable (No extra cable needed).


This is a cheap Chinese brand but i use them for 3 years now without any problem.

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