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cannot export subroutines

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I'm using Visilogic 9.7.24 build 0 on a Win7 pc. I want to export a subroutine. When I select the subroutine and choose a locotion to copy to all works well, until i hit save button. I then get the message: This subroutine cannot be exported because it contains illegal characters. (Visilogic 329). What is going wrong?

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What are you trying to name the file when you save it?  Would you be able to share a picture of the error message you receive?


Also, are you running the program as an administrator?  Running as an administrator ensures our software can properly run with no restrictions, and can sometimes solve peculiar issues.


Run As Admin

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Hi guys,


Problem is solved. Thanks for the help.

I tried to save the subroutine all the time to a networkshare. This share has an awful long name. I did try to save the subroutine to the local d:\ drive in a subdirectory and it worked.

I'm wondering why I can't export subroutines to a networkshare with a long name and I do can save a program to the same networkshare.

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