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Remote Access zoom loses buttons


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Hi all,


RA 9.5.0.  For many of my "programmer only" setting screens I use the small fonts 5. I can fit an awful lot of adjustments into these screens on a V130.  They look like gobbledegook to others, but make sense to me.


I often use Remote Access to alter these settings at sites, as I set my program/screens up to make it easier to use this method, rather than needing a complete run of VisiLogic going.  This also has the innate advantage of easy onsite adjustments without a laptop.


When using Remote Access on my puter, the window size is small enough that fonts 5 is hard to read, even with my proper specs on.  I know, I know, gettin' old!  If I zoom anything above 1x, the keys disappear.  If you tell it to show keys at higher zoom levels, it reverts back to 1x zoom.  And custom zoom doesn't seem to do much.  Is there a trick to make it keep the keys visible at bigger zoom levels?  Or is this a bug that you could easily fix to save my poor old eyeballs?  It also happens using remote access within VisiLogic, too.




Aus.....(needing higher rated specs every day!)

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Thanks Saragani,


Yes it solves the problem. I have never run Operator since encountering some long forgotten issue in the past.  Seems to be working fine, though.


But there is something definitely nice about Remote Access only giving you the small window to work with, rather than all the extra clutter of Operator.


Perhaps something to think about for future releases?




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