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pulses counter from a flow sensor

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am working on a project whereby am using a flow sensor to give me pulses to calculate flow rate.

my challege is when the number is too big it goes negative, i think after +32767, what can i do to achive my goal without this number and my program become accurate. please assist anything you need to know let me know.  

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Which controller are you using? If you are using the Jazz or M91 you may be able to use a U90 Special Function to combine two MI's into a ML within the ladder.


You can find the instructions in the U90 Help file under Ladder/ Functions/ Special Functions: without Elements/ 'Long' Integer functions.


Also possible would be to use a secondary counter to represent large values such as 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000. A comparison statement could be used so that every 10,000 pulses, a secondary counter would increase by 1. Then the count could be reset. This would involve using multiple comparison statements later to compare the numbers, but may work as a solution.

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