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Terminal blocks issues/problems

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Hi all,


yet again I have had a dud screw/cage in a terminal plug I was fitting up on a 120.  It is annoying when the screw won't even pick up a tiny amount of pressure, let alone what I normally tighten things to on bootlace pins without any trouble at all.  And before you all harp about ham-fisted I must be....I'm not, so shhhhhh!    Definitely a dud and a big problem when it is the only one you have onsite and you are faced with a 300km round trip because of a badly made screw/thread worth maybe 1/2 a cent!


Over the years I have sourced a few different types as spares, but even though they all are supposedly to a standard, their quality of fit/match to the Unitronics ones is not quite right.  Mostly just a tiny bit tight on the shell.


I have found this post :




but what I really want is for the creators to reveal their supplier so that I can get some spares direct that I know will fit correctly.  Or anyone else to suggest a block they have found that fits perfectly.


And perhaps we could start putting combo slot/phillips heads into them as well?  Hmmm?





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The connectors for all of our I/O connections on the V120 and our other controllers are made by Phoenix Contact.. If possible I would suggest contacting Phoenix contact since they may be able to provide you with the proper part numbers for the desired terminal blocks. I have included their USA website link:



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