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After working painstakingly for 8 months on a project, I had completed 95% of it. As habituated, I downloaded the latest version of Visilogic 9.8.0 and consequently updated my V130 with the latest boot & OS.


To my dismay, on starting the machine, i found it misbehaving completely. On inspection, i found that almost 360 parameters which were in MIs were changed arbitrarily. Since these parameters were ascertained by trial and error, they weren't in the power up mode.


I do have a copy of the parameters and so will restore it back, but i haven't faced this issue in the past.


Pl reply asap




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Dear Lawry,


I have created a new project in VisiLogic V9.7.60 (last version, OS 4.0(32), Boot 2.2(23)) and filled approximately 700 operands with data, then update my VisiLogic version to V9.8 (official version, OS 4.2(10), Boot 2.2(23)), after a night without power to the PLC, all my operands were still stored.
Version update should not cause operands to be erased.
Was this behavior limited only to this project?
From which version did you updated from?
Can you please check SB8 (Battery Low 1=Low)?
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