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Device Won't Boot


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Greettings, I'm a Electrical Engineer from Venezuela currently developing an application using one of your PLC, a USP-156-B Unistream device,I was testing the behavior of the data table and data trend funtionalities and when booted to implement in my project, the PLC requested an SD card, I inserted an 8Gb Sandisk micro SDHC SD card and proceeded to manually reboot (turning the power down, and then back up). Now the PLC won't get past the black screen with the UniStream logo (I believe this is the boot up function) with or without the SD card. Is there a way to upload the firmware? or how do I solve this? I can't get into Uniapps.

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I think I might be in a similar situation. I am attempting to load my first project to a UniStream 7" unit. I could never establish communication between unit and PC using supplied USB Cable. I set up a Network between the two devices and established communication, but UniLogic required me to update files on unit before it would allow me to upload my project. It asked for a USB Drive which I selected and it downloaded some files and provided directions to update. I went to UniApps and updated as directions said. Upload screen with warning to not disconnect power and not to remove USB Drive in multiple colors was flashing during process. Few minutes later was the "beep" noise of the restarting of the unit. Now will sit at the Unistream logo screen with flashing dash on top left hand side for multiple minutes before transferring to a blank screen. 

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