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UniLogic - Gauges


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+1 for enhanced Vision controllers also.  This is really necessary for OEM applications where the same program is used over and over, but the sensor ranges can always be different from one job to the next.  I know that the circular guages are not able to do the integer linking now, but this would be an awsome addition.




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My apologies.
The request was looked into, and has proved impossible to implement - or rather, not impossible, but not practical in terms of the facts. The gauges are rendered as a graphic image. To enable these values to come from tags would mean that the PLC would need to draw the values, and calculate the locations, and in the case of the circular gauges, the ranges are radial...the overhead required is just too much.

Again, I apologize. The request was indeed added, but could not be honored, and I should have reported this.

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