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I have the V570 + V200-18-E3XB.

Type of analog input may be configurated as raw value.

What is maen "raw value"?

What range of voltage (???) should I give at the input to get the raw value is equal to 16384?

How long does the conversion to raw value? (100 ms???)


As russian: Какой диапанон входных значений напряжения на клеммах аналогово входа соответствует диапазону значений raw value 0-16384? Как быстро входной сигнал преобразуется в raw value?

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To add to what Joe stated.


The raw value is going to be dependent on the bits of your A/D converter. 


12 bit = 2^12, or a range of 0 - 4095

14 bit = 2^14, or a range of 0 - 16384

16 bit = 2^16, or a range of 0 - 65535


From there you need to use the linearize function block to get the actual reading using the scale you want, 0-10v, 0-20ma, etc.  For example, on a 0-10v sensor, the A/D should output 65535 when it receives 10v and 16 bit, for 12 bit it would output 4095 for the same 10v.


The conversion time is in the spec sheet for each snap plugin or add on and it can vary if the input allows you to choose between 12 bit, or 14 bit, with the higher bit depth being slower.

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