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Have updated VisiLogic to 9.8.2 from 9.5.0 with also an OS update on my Win7 desktop and have an error "prvChangeGuiByPLCType9Invalid Tools collection Index"   i also have a laptop i did similiar update that is XP that does not have this error.  uninstalled twice and installed twice and same....UAC disabled.   clicking Ok sends the error away.  




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Hello TomD,


Have you selected in the properities of the VisiLogic program to run the program as an administrator?  Windows operating system is very restrictive to our software and this will allow our software to run properly and can fix errors like this from appearing.


Please right click on the VisiLogic icon and select "Properties", then under the compatability tab, select "Run as administrator".


Please let me know if this helps.

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This can occur if the software is not running as an administrator.


For Windows 7: Running VisiLogic as an administrator can be accomplished by right clicking on the VisiLogic icon, choosing Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and selecting the box labeled Run this program as an administrator.


For XP: To run the installation file as an administrator, you can accomplish this by right clicking on the VisiLogic icon and selecting RUN AS. You will then need to type in the username and password for the administrator account 

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