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Change Read-Only Attributes via program

Alex Salimin

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Dear UniGuru,


It is very helpful. I lost almost one hour just to figure out how to do that. Maybe I should address you as Master Shifu from now.


I wonder if somebody would consider to write a book (tips and tricks or anything that related to HMI, eg. to understand properties of objects/elements, something simple like the question that I asked recently).

If I could find a good writings about unilogic programming, I would not hesitance to pay for that, because the help file is not helpful enough.




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Hello Salimin,


I'm glad that Flex was able to answer your question.


Please know that if you can not find answers to your questions within our help files or webinars we are happy to assist you directly. You can contact us within Unitronics technical support department by sending an email to Support@Unitronics.com.

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