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PLC is V700, with visilogic. Port 25. The server is identified by CMD Windows like smtp.


I read a lot of posts and is not possible through gmail.

 The problem is when I insert the command STARTTLS in CMD.


I do not know what do you mean with the email server connecting with a static IP address. Do you refer in ladder program? or in CMD windows.




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In Vision series units (such as your V700), we must perform a TCP/IP connection in the ladder when the PLC is set as a client.  Therefore, we must connect to the IP address of the e-mail server.  So if the e-mail server has a static IP address we can connect to, there should be no issue connecting and sending e-mails (for instance, we use gmx.com e-mail server for testing in our office). 


If the e-mail server does not have a static IP address to connect to, we would need to create a DNS resolver to achieve the current IP address of the server.  There is a DNS Resolver example application in the examples link of VisiLogic.  Help > Examples... > Version 900 > Project Examples > Communications > Ethernet > V700_DNS_Resolver.vlp


Please let me know if this helps.

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