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HELP! Newbie to Programming


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Hello all, I am new to the Forum as well as Programming.

I am creating a ladder program and using timers to fire Solenoid Valves for various times...I am Building a Keg Washer for a Micro Brewery.

I have attached a word doc. showing one of the ladders...my Question is.

Am i using the right Coil type (TD) to fire the fire the solenoid then reset when the Subroutine is ran again?

Does the Ladder i created look right?

The total program has 10 subroutines...and i want the ladders to move from routine to routine until all 10 are complete then go back to the first routine and wait until the cycle start button is pressed.


Thanks in advance for any input you can give.

Keg Rince Doc..docx

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  • MVP 2023

It's not possible to give you a definitive answer without knowing your logic (for example, what is turning on MB13?), but It would seem that you need to use a TE (Extended Pulse) timer if you want the output to be on for exactly 10 seconds. You should also use a Positive Transition contact to activate the timer, especially if it's a pushbutton.

If you're wanting to DELAY the keg rinse operation by 10 seconds, then you're using the correct timer.


You're welcome to post your project file here if you want more detailed help. By the way, you will get better help if you post to the VisiLogic forum rather than the UniLogic forum, as it appears you are using VisiLogic.

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