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Problem with creating .csv log in SD card with Vision V350-35-TU24

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Hi all,


I am trying to create .csv file log in V350-35-TU24.

In Create Excel Delimited Line function I create 7 column in a line. As in example application SD card Demo I set the last column's delimiters as CR and LF to create a new row for a new 7 values. But I faced the problem that all 7 values were stored in 1 cell, not 7. Do I use wrong delimiters? What should I do to have 7 columns with 1 value in each of them, not 1 column with 7 values in it?


Hope for your support guys! Thank you!


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Hi vamalgise,


The delimiter can change depending of your region.

Some places use as delimiter the coma "," some regions use the semicolon ";" .

What symbol are you using as delimiter?

Try changing it to the second option.

  • if you use coma use semicolon instead
  • If you use semicolon use coma instead

Another option to separate the columns is to go to excel and

  1. Select the text you wish to divide in columns
  2. go to the data menu, there you will see the icon  or option Text to column. select this option.
  3. a new windows will pop up where you will have options delimiter or fix text. Select delimiter and click on next.
  4. You will have  a list of delimiters: tab, coma, semicolon, etc. Select the one that adapts to you needs and click next two more times


This should solve your issue.


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Thank you EduMarg for your advice,
I use comma as a delimiter. Now I opened the same file on another computer and it looks properly, like each value is stored in separate cell.

Unfortunately do not know how to attach files in this forum to demonstrate, but I guess you understand what I mean.

PS! Is it possible to assign each column with name? or it could be only done in excel?


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Thank you for the example.

There is one more issue need to be solved. I have 1 integer in my .csv file, 1 give it 1 sign after the coma (so the format is 00.0). When this value is placed in a cell, it shows me, for example, 22.april instead of 22.4, and when I format cells to change the data type it gives some random constant value for all the collumn values. Is there a way to use comma instead of dot to give a decimal point to integer to display it properly in .csv file?

Thank you for your support and help!

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using coma is not possible, Even if converting the number to ascii and changing the point to a coma because you choose as delimiter coma.

This will separate the decimal part and the integer part of the number into two cells.


In the example I post you will notice that I write the value of pressure to the delimited line. This value is changed to ascii before writing it to the CSV file.

Are you also converting the integer to ASCII?


You can do it as in the example and on the E input of the NUM to ASCII block use a constant to determine the decimal point location.

so for example if your integer is 100 and you wish to see 10.0 use on this input a value of 1.


Hope this helps.

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