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Samba SM35-J-T20 does not start up after update

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Hi !


looks like something bad happened.

Updated SM35-J-T20  system using USB to COM adapter and Visilogic 9.8.9 

Had communication with SM35-J-T20 before, but display do not light up after powerdown.

How to enter bootstrap mode ?


Tried, that power off, wait 10 sconds, then pressed touchscreen and power back. No sucess.


Any guidelines ?



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On 2/28/2016 at 10:13 AM, R.Mozes said:



Try as follow:

  1. Turn off the PLC
  2. Touch and hold the screen
  3. Power on while screen is touched
  4. Touch twice Update the BinLib, Boot and O/S (115200 baud rate, 1 sec timeout)
  5. Download a blank project


If it didn't helped, contact support@unitronics.com with the results.


Hi I just tried that R.Mozes and it didn't work. I wonder if it worked for you Andrus?

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Hi !  I tried as R.Moses guided and succeed to install  BinLib and Boot

Then tried to install OS , but it got error on PC screen during update. 


Contacted Unitronic Tech support and from there got an extra tip:

Try as follow:

  1. Turn off the PLC
  2. Touch and hold the screen.
  3. Power on while screen is touched.
  4. You will see a countdown on the PLC screen.
  5. Touch the HMI screen twice . The countdown should have stop.
  6. On VisiLogic configure the communication settings with a baud rate of 115200 and a timeout of 1 sec
  7. First  update only the BinLib
  8. When BinLib has finished updating, please update only the Boot
  9. When Boot has finished updating, update only the O/S.
  10. Download a blank project


Tried many times to update O/S, but it stopped during install.

as last effort I just refrain using computer, went to have dinner and when came back, it was OK

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