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Black bars covering up LED bar graph.

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Need help debugging a Visilogic project.


PLC is a V700

I'm trying to put in bar graphs, and the screen keeps putting black bars up on the right side of the graphs. I've tried deleting and remaking them, but the black bars keep reappearing on different lines- they're not linked to any one input. Pictures are shown in the link below. 

Any ideas on why this might be happening?






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Hi Sweis,


I haven't used graphs, but I can see a few things in your pics.


0).  Are you sure there are no "overlaps" on the screen that might be affecting adjacent areas?


1).  There appears to be no relationship in both pics to your ppm.  The top one shows things at mostly 1248, yet the graphs look like they are trying to be in the red.  The lower pic you have much higher ppm and it looks like this is your high target point, yet everything is in the red.  What are you trying to display?  1248 as red or 9999?  Should all the 1248s just be yellow?  Or is the displayed ppm number a varied setpoint input into the Linz function depending on whether the gassing is on or off?


2).  Why have you got a minus sign in front of ppm in the read?  Just a simple description error?  Or perhaps it might be related to the issue.  This raises the question that someone else can answer as I don't know:  Does this graph function only work correctly on + numbers?


3).  Although others on the forum have said they have never had issues, I have sometimes encountered problems doing copy and paste, and then just changing relevant numbers.  The system has seemed to keep some internal reference to pasted code, even though everything obvious has been changed, and things have gone severely haywire.  Although it will likely be a bit tedious, perhaps try writing that screen code as separate starting points, without any pasting, and see how it goes.


4).  I'd also do your code write as a progressive thing.  Do each graph completely but one at a time, save accordingly, test things at that point, then if ok do the next one.  Perhaps this might show up something.


5).  Have you monitored all the raw 4-20 inputs during running?  Are they correct?


ps did you like my PLC numbering system for the points?  ho ho.




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