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Create CSV Line for SD card issue

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I use SD card to log process variables to CSV file. For each file i first create CSV row with constant text to create collumn titles. I have to pressure values in my project, so when I try to name the column as P1 (bar), brackets are not displayed in CSV file, so the result is just P1 bar, is it a property of CSV file or a property of Visilogic? Maybe i need to use a specific delimiter to be able to use brackets?


Please give me an advice. Thank you!

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I opened your project and the logic that was in net 5 wasn't being executed at all. MB7 was being reset before this net could be triggered. I swapped net 4&5 and then I was able to trigger that line to write the the SD card. It also included the brackets for the P1 (bar) and P2 (bar).


Excel Delimited Line Brackets

The issue may be with how your version of Excel is opening the file.


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