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Struct arrays?


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Is it possible to implement struct arrays in UniLogic?


For example, I have a struct for a motor:


STRUCT MotorData:

  • BIT RunCommand
  • BIT Feedback
  • BIT IgnoreFeedback [retained]
  • TIMER FeedbackDelay [retained]
  • BIT Fault
  • UINT8 FaultCounter [retained]
  • UINT16 WorkingHoursTotal [retained]


And I want to do:



Type: MotorData[37]


Because I have 37 motors to control.


And then later, I want to do things like:

SET ALIAS: MyMotors.RunCommand[12] = "Motor_K4-5A_Run"

SET ALIAS: MyMotors.Fault[12] = "Motor_K4-5A_Fault"

SET ALIAS: MyMotors.FaultCounter[12] = "Motor_K4-5A_FaultCounter"


And other wicked things, like:

if (Motor_K4-5A_Fault && Motor_K4-5A_FaultCounter < 255)




This would ease things up so much! Instead of creating 37 individual global variables for each motor, I'll need only one.  :)

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Well, sort of.

You have Data Tables, which are basically array of structs.


But I can't set aliases to individual fields in a data table.




Rather than an array of Structs, could you build a UDFB and call it for each motor?


That's what I resorted to, after trying out everything else.

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But won'y you still need to create 37 instances of the Motor struct, even though you have a UDFB?


I made arrays in the struct definition. And then, defined aliases in a global var.


Kinda cumbersome, but gets the job done.

If I want to put more motors, just increase array length in struct definition, and copy-paste more UDFB to take care of data processing.


UniStream has 2 MB memory for variables, and that's awesome. Don't have to worry about losing free space. :) Still, it would be really nice to be able to make arrays of structs.

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