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I am confused too

It appears from what you are saying that you want to know the Angle a

the calculation for the SIN of an angle is Sin(a) = Opposite/Adjacent (It appears to me that you know Opposite (BC) and you know Adjacent (AB)


From what you have written you simply divide BC/AB and you will get the Sin(a) result


If I am correct in my assumptions (probably not) then you know the Opposite and Adjacent

Better off using this cot(a) = Adjacent / Opposite

which is Cot(a) = AB/BC


However thats all a complete guess as we dont know what you are doing here

Just one thing if you use MI's then you will not be correct in your calculations (they can only hold whole numbers)


(OMG school boy math)





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 i trying to find angle  BC


Are you using the law of sines?



From what I vaguely remember if you get a negative result, the angle is still valid, however if means you're moving in the opposite direction around the unit circle.  To convert to a positive angle, simply add 360 to it.


However, you're using a non-standard notation for me, so I'm not sure if you're using the correct numbers, angles and side length, in your equation to spit out good numbers.  Typically, angles are represented with capital letters, and the side opposite the angle is a lower case.  See wiki link above, or post an image of your triangle with everything labeled.

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