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Visilogic crashing when trying to use dial up modem

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Hi all

having an issue with visilogic version 8.6.3 when I use the modem services and try dialing a modem using tapi I get the following errors before visilogic shuts down


Runtime error '-2147213294(80042012)


followed by

Runtime error 440

Automation error

Any ideas how to fix running windows xp has been fine for years before this.

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Try uninstalling VisiLogic and re-install it. If the problem persists, try installing VisiLogic 9.0.1.

Also, try updating the driver of the modem.

If this doesn't work, let me know the following:

Have you been able to perform this procedure in the past?

If so, were there any changes? a new version of any relevant software?

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