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The project in the controller cannot be uploaded


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I have been contracted to maintain an existing PLC. I located a version of the source code but I don't know if it matches the code in the PLC. How do I backup the embedded code before downloading the source I have? If the source doesn't work, I'll need to restore the existing code.

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You can open the source that you have, and use the Verify feature that compares the project in the PLC with the one in the PC.


Theoretically, you can backup the project into an SD Card, and restore it when needed. However, it is only possible if an SD password was defined, and there is a good chance that the ladder code in the PLC did not do that.



If you need more help, then you can also contact our support through email.

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When I access the controller remotely via Ethernet and selected Verify, I get the alert “This operation cannot be completed until the controller OS is updated. Either: Update the file: connect a USB stick to this PC and press ‘Copy to USB Stick’ to copy files, and then use the USB stick to update the controller. Or Press cancel to stop the download”.


Do I have to be physically present to complete this operation or can I perform it remotely?


What USB stick formats are supported? FAT32? Any others?

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