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Remote Modbus TCP I/O


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I'm sure it's not unlimited, but you will be able to connect to 6 slaves easily. Just assign the IP addresses and Port numbers you wish to use in the PLC Communications/Protocols/MODBUS/Master and you will be able to communicate. I think UniStream can easily handle at least 30 simultaneous connections.

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Hi Fabio,


I was a little busy so just reading all new posts for me. I finished a big project and I can tell you now that communications with Unistream is really a big advantage over Vision series. In the system I have:

12 slaves

Reading more than 800 coils

Writing more than 1,800 coils

Reading more than 160 Int16

Writing more than 70 int16

Reading more than 464 int32

Writing more than 360 int 32


each 1,000 ms the Unistream 15 is making the work perfectly.

The system is working 24 x 7 since December 2015.

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