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Run-time error '339': Application-defined or object-defined error

Aaron T

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I'm trying to help a customer set up UniOPC Server on their end to work with our equipment; this is my first time using UniOPC Server. I was able to install and run the UniOPC Server on my own PC (Windows 7 64-bit with UAC turned off) without trouble, and I saved my .upc configuration file and send it to the customer. They installed the software on their end (I believe also Windows 7 64-bit), but after loading my .upc file, when they clicked "RUN" an error dialog popped up saying "Run-time error '339': Application-defined or object-defined error", with only an OK button, which I believe closed the Server.


At my suggestion they uninstalled the software, disabled UAC and reinstalled it, and then ran it as an administrator, but still got that error when clicking RUN. They even installed the UniOPC Server on a second computer (again with UAC disabled) and manually entered the channel and PLC parameters instead of loading my .upc file, but even on a second PC, got "Run-time error '339'" when trying to run the server.


Does anyone have any idea of specifically what run-time error 339 signifies, and why they keep having this problem when clicking "RUN"? For reference, here's a cut-and-paste of the settings I had them enter manually:


  1. Click the "Channels Collection" button on the toolbar.
  2. In the Channels Collection window, click the "Add" button.
  3. Enter these PC Communication Parameters:
    1. Connection type: TCP/IP (Call)
    2. Remote IP:
    3. Remote port: 20256
  4. Click "OK".
  5. Click "Close".
  6. Click the "Add PLC" button on the toolbar.
  7. Enter these PLC parameters:
    1. Name: IV Monitor
    2. Type: Vision
    3. Unit ID: Direct Connection
    4. Channel: TCP/IP (Call):
    5. Enable: Enabled checked
  8. Click "OK".
  9. In the "File" menu choose "Save" to save the configuration.
  10. Click the "RUN" button on the toolbar to start the server.
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