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Odd Behaviour

Kieran B

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Hi there I was using remote operator for a new v700 install

When I went to enter a value onscreen the remote operator was using a different keyboard layout to the PLC and so couldn't enter the value correctly

Photos attached for reference taken of PLC and remote operator, any insight would be appreciated

also I am using the latest Remote Operator


Remote Operator.jpg

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15 hours ago, Saragani said:

Can you please specify the OS on the PLC, and also attach the Visilogic project?



Hi Saragani

At this stage I cant confirm the OS version I will have to travel to site again,

I believe it is the newest that came with the visilogic software 9.8.31 as I haven't been prompted for an update, and the PLC is only a month old

As for the program I can email it to you apparently I am only allowed to upload .01MB and the file is 1.5MB


Thanks Kieran

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I have tested it with the given project, and it does behave unexpected.

When switching to one of the simple keyboards, I saw an image which is probably the splash screen.

It doesn't happen on a new V700 project (Something must have corrupted the enumeration of the system images)


I had reset the system images to default, and things look better now. 

If you put the Splash Screen again, then the problem returns.



I've passed this issue to the Vision R&D for further investigation.


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