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coma separator problem


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Hye all,

I'm in trouble with the decimal separator.

I'm using RemoteAccess 9.0.1 on Windows 7.

I read some operands Values the export them into excel file. It seems that the MF decimal point disappear.

When i open Excel 2007 and import the File previously generated with RemoteAccess, all the decimal separator has disappeared.

The only way i founded is to change the separator type on windows Control Pannel as a point instead of a coma (We are in France)

This is not convenient, i don't want to change our customers system setting like this one.

Maybe i'm wrong but i think remote access don't use comma as decimal separator but as object/cell separator.

Is there another way ? or an option in Remote access to use comma as decimal separator ?

Thank you

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Thx for reply Stein,

1) Decimal system separator = ","

i tried to change the excel separator as "." but nothing changed.

Ex : I've got MF10 = 40.7437 and MF11 = 40.42034 before exporting them.

After Importing into PLc, values are MF11 = 4.07E5 and MF11 = 4.04E6 ??

2) Decimal system separator "." and everything is OK !

All decimal values are exported and imported correctly !!

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