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I am working with Filter FB.  My goal is to sample 10 times per second and filter then scale the values.  There is a picture attached of the current setup.

When running Filter_2 doesn't seem to be working.  I believe the setup is correct.

I have tried putting the elements on different rungs, always with the same result.

I am new to Unitronics, I hope there is an obvious solution.


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IO-AI4-AO2 doesn't have filtering, at least not a setting for one in the setup.  Also, the signals I am filtering are very erratic,   I am trying to get an approximate level, we call it density level, in a tank full of fluid with a large amount of gas being pumped into the bottom.   A filter that uses reading over a couple seconds works best.  Here is what I use :

Usable value (UV), Current value (CV)

UV = 0.95*UV + 0.05*CV 

The coefficients can be changed they just need to add to 1.  This needs to be executed on regular intervals. 

I was able to get the code working.  Once I used the  'Stop - Download - Run' button instead the 'Download' button things started working more predictable.  

Learing is sometimes painful.

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