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V430 Alarms not displaying

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Hi All,

I have a V430 and wish to implement a basic alarm system whenever a motor goes 'over torque'.

I have set up the alarm in the 'Alarm Config Utility' but cannot get the alarm window to display.

I have even tried to map the ladder function 'show alarm' to a push button on the HMI. When I monitor the ladder function I can see the push button energising and de-energising but the alarm window never shows on the HMI. The alarm trigger bit is also energised.

Thanks in advance,



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  • MVP 2023

The Alarm Config Utility may be overkill for what you're trying to do.  An alarm here goes into the alarm manager with a time and date stamp and is shown on the Alarm Manager display, which must be called.

Are you looking for this functionality or do you just want a red box to appear on the display when the alarm happens?

It's always a good idea to post your code when you have a ladder question.

Joe T.

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