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Text Hide Function Operation

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Is there anyway I can stack 2 text boxes on top of each other and have them appear independently as at present the text box even though hidden doesn't  let the other text box show through.

The text boxes will never be required to appear at the same time and have two different activations. I know I can write PLC code to accomplish this but from my opinion hide is hide and should be transparent to anything beneath it.

If it can't be done like this great just want to know for future reference.

I'm using a Samba 43.


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Cheers Flex

Theres 3 conditions as shown in repost to Guy

0 - Nothing showing

1 - Low Pressure (Switch say I 1)

2 - High Pressure Switch (Switch say I 2)

I know it can be done in other ways, but didn't know if there was some reason a hidden text box would cover something beneath it when hidden.

As I said before now I know I will use different methods of display. 


EDIT: Sorry I see what you mean use HIDE as well as the state.

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