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Retain Tags at power up

Juan Manuel

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I can´t retain the tag value at start up, I follow the instructions from the UNITRONICS site, I mean, check the "retain" at the Tag menu, and write a initial Value, but the variables always start at power up with the initial value.

If only check the retain box, and don´t write initial neither power up value, my values start in zero.

Thaks a lot for your help

Juan Manuel

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5 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

Initial value always wins.

What is the data type?

Joe T.

Initial data is only being set when:

* The application in the PLC is totally different

* When the tag does not exist in the PLC (for example, you have added a new retained tag and set an initial value)

*When you use Init retained tag from the "UniStream management" in UniLogic


It will not be called on every power-up. There is no logic to set the initial value of a retained tag on every power-up since then it makes the retained tag meaningless.


Is it a new PLC? (Maybe there is something wrong with the battery that keeps the retained memory).

You can download your project to a different PLC (if you have one) and check if it still reproduces. If it does, then send unitronics the project so we could see if maybe there is something wrong with the project, or something was not configured correctly.

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