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Who can help for beginner?

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Sorry, great programmers, for stupid questions in this topic, but I'm study and I suggest to make this topic for beginners.

PLC V350, example, math function A+B=C . I set block ADD in Ladder,  in HMI set  3 numeric button for A,B,C. I made connections in variables  to A,B,C, I enter numbers in 1st and 2nd numeric button, but in 3rd (C) not changes (addition).

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You should post your code, but a few things to look for are:

-Make sure the ADD function is being called - is it in a subroutine?

-Make sure A, B, or C are not being assigned elsewhere in the program.

-Double check that all the operand assignments for A, B, and C are correct, both on the HMI and in the ladder.

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18 hours ago, Flex727 said:

You need to call Subroutine 1 in your Main Routine or it will not run the ADD function.

I don't see anything wrong with Display 2 except you've changed the background color to black.

Thank you Flex727, I did it,

I thought that connects between Main Routine and Subroutine 1 is automatically and My display is open

Very pity, that in VisiLogic is no emulation and every changes must be burned by the PLC

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