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Slow Web Server

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Im in a project where I would like to use the web server with a Unistream PLC. However, the web server is very slow the first time you open a page. When you once have opened it, its fast to go back to that page again. Is this something you are aware of and working on?


Also, the page renders differently in the HMI and the web server (boxes with text and numbers are a little bit misplaced in the webpage as you can see in the attatched images)



print webpage.PNG

print vnc.PNG

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The slowness can be caused by several things:

* Images that are being downloaded from the server / PLC

* JavaScripts that are being downloaded from the server / PLC (And then cached in the browser)

* The PLC renders the pages from Jade to HTML


Can you please send the project so I can at least have a look at the boxes misplacing?



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