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Hi, im using a Vision V350-35-TR6 and im trying to do the PLC send back a SMS when i send another one. Example: send a SMS "status" and receive "ok" back. I followed the tutorials and i think everything is alright. Is this model unable to perform this command or can there be something wrong? 

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Hi Vitor,


The V350-35-TR6 is able to do what you describe above, Have you tried breaking the program down to verify.

1) you can receive text messages

2)that you can send text messages

Then work on melding them together.

What modem are you using? have you verified that the PLC can communicate with it properly to send and receive text messages.

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Dear Vitor,
yes, the examples work, indeed. I use this scheme regurarly. If you are on doubt, it is better to break the task into steps:
1. Is your modem properly engaged in cellular network? Modem should be initialized first, MODEM INIT should return Modem status (SI80/82/84, regarding to COM port number) =2, Error code (SI81/83/85) should return 0. If you are using a Check Signal Quality block, Signal quality should be > 0.
2. Is it possible to send SMS? Create some testing event triggered e.g. from the button on display, put your cell number to appropriate field in the SMS SEND block and observe if the block returns no error.
3. Create some SMS to SCAN in the SMS Config block, put the SCAN SMS somewhere to your ladder to be called every scan. Observe if the scan bit is going high after receiving the message. Also check if Last received phone number is exactly your number. You can use the Memory tab in the Output window or just have a look to the hexadecimal numbers in the Last Received buffer (e.g. 12 will be represented as "3231 HEX".
If you change your testing code, it is better to restart OPLC to make the modem to be re-initialized.
My advice: It is better to use telephone numbers in the international format.

If everything above works, join all the pieces together. It should work. Good Luck!

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