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Remote TCP/serial convertertig

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Good day,

 We have Scada software where data from PLC's is taken by Unitronics PCOM prtocol. When PLC's are on LAN or connected via serial - everything is fine. Is it possible to collect data with GPRS modem (SIM card with static IP address) using it as TCP serial converter?  It works when we use it as Modbus TCP to serial cobverter (but our SCADA software don't support). Can't get to work it with PCOM (transparrent TCP to serial coverter).. Any suggestion (maybe I need to do some special settings on modem) would be appreciated. Modem is GENEKO GWR202. Thank you.

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Yes, it is possible.  The modems are supposedly transparent to communication.  You'll need to turn your TCP packet timeout up (SI 101) to something longer than the modem time lag.  Otherwise the PLC closes the socket on you without much explanation.

The Help says this value maxes out at 10 (1 sec) but we have pushed it to 50 and it still works.

Joe T.

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