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I've bought some 2500kg submersible load cells which I'm connecting now to my Vision 430 J T2 PLC. I have a LC3 expansion module. 

Since it is almost impossible for us to calibrate the load cell according to the help files (putting real weight) on it, I'd like to use the calibration report the supplier gave me and use the 'Edit calibration point' function to match raw values with weights. 

Can someone give me insight on the way I have to calculate my calibration points based upon the report of the supplier? When I connect the load cell and change the representation mode to raw value, I see a raw value of around 60 000 at 0kg. 



11942-2 Cal Cert.pdf

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First, are you using the load cell in AC or DC mode?  I'd recommend AC.

i have not done it this way but I can set up some hardware and fiddle with it if needed.

The loadcell input is a 24 bit A/D, which translates to 16,777,216 counts.

Try  Mode 6, which is uV/V.  The Help talks about mV/V but you have to have a way to enter the decimal places so it's really uV/V.   What do you get when you use this mode?

Post your code, too.

Joe T. 

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