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Unistream 10 Master and V700 slave over rs485


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RS485 is Daisy chain, just link them together.

Use shielded cable and ground the shield at one end of each link

A+ to A+ etc .   B- to B- etc.

The UniStream is 1  and each device has its own  ID Number

Baud rate is set to be common to all

 Connect 1 at a time and get it going before adding in the next one.

Be sure to use the terminations  1 at each end,

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Hi..I haven't used the Unistream system yet. On the V700 side, that particular model is a bit of an oddball with model-specific initialization commands.Check out the Visilogic help file and monkey-see, monkey-do the comms on the first one. Look at your system bits and system integer values. If you run into specific issues, let me know where the stop point is, I'm in the middle of programming one of my V700's into a basic machine learning platform.

one-stop pcb

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