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Pulse Counter


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I'm a beginner and I need some help. I do not really know English.
The machine JZ20-J-T40 + is a pulse counter flow meter.
I need a pulse counter program module that I can move on.

A digital input would arrive at the signal. The number of incoming pulses should be displayed linearly in the display. Within the program, you can adjust how much the incoming pulse count is displayed on the display. Say 10 pulses / liter or 100 pulses / liter ... etc ... it can be set to any value. I want to determine how many impulses count 1 liter. Maybe if I can, I would like to add an addendum to start a tank charging process, set the charge value on the keyboard, and then when the impulses reach the amount arriving, the charging process stops.

Thanks in advance!!

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In order to do this, you need to use compare block. Your first value should be impulse count, and your second value should be some # number you have selected as liter mark.

You also need a counter that counts how many times your impulse has arrived, and store that number.

See the attached file.

Comments should describe everything you want to know.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Nikola Ljubinkovic


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