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Time calculations


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Is it possible to directly input time (HH:MM) in the HMI (keyboard touchscreen) and do calculations with this input?



input first start time of a cyclus : 08:00 (HH:MM)

input last start time of a cyclus: 10:00

input number of starts: 3

This number says that there will be 3 starts of a cyclus. This starts must be equally divided over the time between the first and last start.


first start at 08:00

second start at 09:00

last start at 10:00


In this program we need to calculate the difference between first start time and last start time: 10:00 - 8:00 = 2:00

In this program we need to define the period between the start moments= 2:00/(3-1)=1:00



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