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I'm have some problems with the conversion of two integers to a floating point value. 

I have a modbus energy meter (SDM120) who works with 32bit IEEE745 floats values.

In visilogic I receive two 16bit integers (MI);

MI0 : 15643

MI1: -23069

I converted these integers to bits by the 'num to bit' function block. 

These are the converted value's :  

MI0 : 15643 --> 0011 1101 0001 1011

MI1: -23069 --> 1010 0101 1110 0011


If I put the two value's behind eachother I get the following binary code:

0011 1101 0001 1011 1010 0101 1110 0011 (MI0,MI1)

When I fill in these binary code on a online binary to IEEE745 converter I get the following result: 0,038

This matches with the amps showing on the energy meter's display. 


The question is; How can can I make from MI0(15643) and MI1(-23069) a float in Visilogic

So, MI0(15643) and MI1(-23069) -------------- some kind of formula -----------> MF0 = 0,038


Annyone who can help?


Best regards, Jelmer 


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Looks like this is always the case with energy meters.

You use "Struct" block under Vector -> Struct for merging those two registers into a float. There is an explanation for struct block in help file. After that use math function blocks for floats to extract the values if you need them converted to int.


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