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Configuring high-speed output for Unistream, UIS-WCB2

Martin Sirovy

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I have Unistream 7 and I have problem with configuration of high-speed output of module UIS-WCB2. The high speed output 0O should be able to be configured up to 250 kHz using PWM mode.

According to help, I have configured in properties windows HS Block 1 to PWM - see screenshot. Then I have configured the struct B1 according to the screenshot, but it still does not work.  The classical "slow" output using function PWM worked, however I can not get to work the high-speed 100 Khz+ output mode.

Thank you very much for any tips.

Best regards,

Martin Sirovy.


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Hi Martin, 

I am just getting to know how PWM works on Unistream. I too have UIS-WCB2 module and having trouble configure the PWM HSO. 

Did you set up a target value (for number of pulses sent), somehow in your project? 

How did you manage to work it out? 

Did you use a custom made function ? 



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  • MVP 2023

This post is a little old.  You're probably not going to get a reply from Martin.

PWM is not a discrete pulse output type, so there is no "number of pulses"sent out.  That is a"pulse" output.  Are you looking for pulses out to control a stepper or a continuous PWM output to drive an SSR?

The -WCB2 does PWM.  Enable it under HS Block in the Properties window of the module-


Once you do that, PWM values magically appears in the IO Struct-



Let us know more specifically what you are trying to do.  Posting your program is also a really good idea.


Joe T.  

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